Did you know that pistachio nuts are not just healthy, but also assist in weight loss?

In a study conducted at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA), researchers found that weight loss was more rapid inpistachio aficionados. For more than three months, they asked 52 overweight test subjects following various diets to snack on either 45 g of pistachios or 60 g of salted biscuits.

The astonishing result: although they contained far more fat than salted biscuits, the healthy pistachios ensured that the subjects who consumed them achieved a lower BMI more rapidly than did those in the other group. Additionally, blood tests showed that their triglyceride levels were lower. Triglycerides are dietary fats that store the body’s fatty tissue: the higher the level, the more probable it is that a person is overweight – and the higher the risk of sequelae.