Influence of meat with walnut paste on the risk of thrombosis

In coronary artery disease, both genetics and nutrition play an important role. Although there has been no unanimity on this point until now, the composition of dietary fats appears to exert significant influence on the occurrence of thrombosis and cardiovascular disease. The interrelation has already been sufficiently investigated with respect to lean meat. Thus, it has been ascertained that the consumption of lean meat, enriched with walnut paste, counteracts the formation of blood clots. However, this varies widely from person to person and depends on the genetic characteristics of each individual.

The objective of this study was to examine the effects of the consumption of lean meat, with and without walnut paste, on the agglomeration of platelets and the production of eicosanoids in 22 subjects with differing genetic characteristics. Eicosanoids are products derived from the metabolism of polyunsaturated fatty acids. As they are substances akin to hormones, they participate in blood clotting, among other things. In the study, six subjects evinced genetics that differed from the other 16 participants. Nevertheless, measurements were carried out at the beginning of the study, after three weeks and, after five weeks, respectively, in a dietary phase incorporating only lean meat and in a phase in which the meat was enriched with walnut paste. After three weeks, the agglomeration of platelets in the 16-participant group had diminished significantly in comparison with the smaller group. However, after five weeks of the study, the smaller group demonstrated better values in relation to the agglomeration of platelets and in relation to the risk of thrombosis – particularly in the diet that incorporated walnut paste.

The sum total of findings indicates that the consumption of lean meat in conjunction with walnut paste compared with the consumption of lean meat alone can reduce the risk of thrombosis, particularly in persons with specific genetic predispositions. In conclusion, it may be assumed that enrichment of lean meat with walnuts can reduce the risk of thrombosis in habitual meat eaters.






Canales A. et al. (2010): The effect of consuming meat enriched in walnut paste on platelet aggregation and thrombogenesis varies in volunteers with different apolipoprotein A4 genotype. Nutr. Hosp.; 25(5):746-754.