Juice From Cashew Apples Has an Impact on Physical Fitness

Cashew Apple

The juice of the cashew apple has anti-oxidant effects. Based on this, a study was carried out to see how consuming cashew apple juice affected oxidative stress, physical performance and muscle power in 2016.

45 healthy middle-aged and elderly study participants were split into two groups. One received a litre of cashew apple juice per day and the other received another juice which did not contain cashew apple (a placebo) every day for 12 weeks. For the three months, and for four months after consuming the juice, various enzyme values were measured in the participants. This enabled the investigators to draw conclusions on oxidative stress. Physical fitness was also evaluated using a 30-second chair stand test and the six-minute walk test. This showed that the participants who had consumed cashew apple juice had an improved oxidative stress status and that their physical fitness had improved.

The study data indicated that consuming cashew apple juice for twelve weeks increased the muscle power in the lower limbs and stamina. A potential explanation could be the anti-oxidant effect of the cashew apple. This could explain why the juice from the cashew apple could have the potential to improve physical fitness. More research needs to be done in this area in order to achieve better understanding of the precise mechanics behind this result.


Kaewbutra S et al.: Cashew Apple Juice Improves Physical Fitness and Oxidative Stress Status in the Middle-Aged and Elderly Volunteers. J Med Assoc Thai. 2016 Aug;99 Suppl 5:p. 161-72.