Did you know that boiled peanuts are a popular meal in the south of the USA?

In Germany, practically nobody is aware of this dish, but in the southern states of the USA, boiled peanuts are very popular, particularly in summer. Fresh peanuts, called green peanuts, are used here. They don’t really look green - they are thus named because they’ve only just been harvested and haven’t had any moisture removed from them. Green peanuts are in season from June to September. They can only be kept for a few weeks and need to be cooked quickly. Alternatively, you could also use raw, dry peanuts. These are available throughout the year. Dry peanuts must be soaked for at least eight hours before they are cooked. This makes them easier to soften when they are boiled later. This dish cannot be cooked using the roasted peanuts that we know so well – they don’t soften when they’re cooked.

The cleaned, fresh peanuts are then boiled in their shells on a low heat for 20 – 24 hours in a large pot, with water, salt and herbs to taste, and are stirred regularly. If raw dry peanuts are used, they will need to be boiled for around ten hours after having been soaked. Afterwards, the peanuts are drained and left to cool off. The shell is removed before they are eaten. The boiled peanuts can be kept for around a week if they are stored in a cool place.